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Increase Your Sale By Using

  1. Bulk SMS : We are authorised partners for PRPSMS. We provide both type of Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS for your business or org. needs. We have the best SMS gateway with instant delivery and 100% delivery. We have the fastest sms gateway of sending SMS more than 4 cr. SMS daily. PRP is running many government and Big MNC campaign successfully in sending sms. We can send sms in hindi or unicode also.
  2. Voice SMS: We also provide audio sms to our clients also. These sms are very useful to promote your business products. Many political party uses our audio sms facility to explain their feeling to the people.
  3. Shortcode SMS: Short codes are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter than full telephone numbers. Shortcode sms is a very useful and beneficial activity to take response from your clients. We have 5 digits shortcode like 54141.
  4. Longcode SMS : Long code are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter than full telephone numbers. Longcode sms is a very useful and beneficial activity to take response from your clients.  
  5. SMS API Gateway: Many times clients required to send an sms alert to the end users, in that case our SMS API is very beneficial . We are having the best delivery system and we provide SMS API to our clients free.
  6. Miss Call Numbers : Miss call numbers is used by political parties and others for making members of their org. These are special numbers on which end users calls and after the call phone disconnected automatically and you get all the list of member will get in excel files.
  7. Audience Poll: Audience Poll is another technical solution provided by us. If you are running a school, college, or education related org. you really need this type of solution. Through this you can conduct poll, survey and you will get the complete list of results.
  8. Database : We provide many type of database to our clients. Like we also provide AIEEE students database, Hospitals database, Medical related database etc.  
  9. Toll free : Tollfree is a special number where end users calls you but his balance remains same. The bill is paid by the company  To get more Customers: ·  Display a single (or toll-free) number to contact your company. ·  Attend to customers through an automated response. After getting the Customers:

·  Put relevant comment on the call to remember key points.
·  Track all calls of your customer.
·  Call recordings to go back to crucial discussion points.

How is it different from the usual Automated Response?

1. Get a single step IVR. Don’t annoy your customer with long IVRs.
2. Allow multiple people to respond to every department.
3. Forward calls to your mobile number.
4. Run multiple simultaneous calls at no extra cost.

Single product to handle all your Customer Call needs:  

Comprehensive Feature List:
Call Tracking
Call Transfer
Customized IVR
Company Welcome Message
Call Details
Call Forwarding
Custom SMS Delivery
Advance Call Forwarding
Web Interface
Custom On-hold Music
Set Department
Virtual Number
Call Recording
Call Activate or Deactivate
After Working hour support


Never lose Business:
·  Incoming call forwarded to your mobile
·  If your phone is busy, the next programmed number is called
·  Get Voice Mail service
·  All your calls are entered in the Web Panel

Easy to Use:
·  No software or hardware installation
·  Just 1 Time Customization
·  Detailed call logs with Date, Time of call, Caller ID, Duration of Call and Forwarded Number.

Look more Professional:
·  Show single number for your Business
·  Record conversations with customers
·  Never Busy, available 24x7


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