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Looking for a Hardware Dealer or partner in your local area? You've come to the right place. We help small organization to giant corporate for their hardware support and equipment. Our network of associates ensures that we are able to provide our client with the best quality and the most competitive prices.

Web4Bharat also provides Annual Maintenance Service Contracts to its Customers. The Annual Service Contracts are provided on Computers, laptops, Fax machine, scanners, Printers and everything related to computers. We also help our clients to purchase original software and their license.
Once the machines are covered under Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) it provides non- comprehensive insurance on the items listed. We specialize in offering LAN, MAN and WAN access solutions based on quality products, a flexible design approach and a competitive price performance platform. We also help our customers for their setup from initial step.
Web4Bharat experts also help you in finding the best deal for your office or your organization. If you are in starting of your organizaton then contact us. We are having a team of expert who will help you not only in finding the Best System but also economical. We provide free AMC to all our respcetable clients.              
What is AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) ?
When you buy a PC, you make an arrangement with the assembler that includes regular servicing and maintenance of your PC components and can also include equipment such as printers, scanners etc. Such an arrangement or a contract is known as an 'Annual Maintenance Contract' (AMC).
Annual Maintenance Contract is a contract of maintaining a product/s (here a computer / PC) or a part thereof throughout the year according to the terms and conditions. Services provided during the Annual Maintenance Contract is mentioned in the topic what is included in Annual Maintenance Contract.
Note: We don't deal in individual system. We deals only in Ltd., Pvt., or organisations*.

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